Bible Chat Mat

Bilbe Chat Mat Instructions

Good news! The diocese of Bath and Wells have produced this amazing resource for families to do together. It is called Bible Chat Mat. Simply follow the instructions together as a family: enjoy time together, enjoy the story, enjoy the activities, enjoy know Jesus more.

Click on the Sunday we are on, and then print off the sheet

22nd March 2020 – Jesus the Builder

29th March 2020 – Jesus the Friend

5th April 2020 – Jesus the Good Shepherd

12th April 2020 – Jesus the Healer

19th April 2020 – Jesus the Miracle Maker

26th April 2020 – Jesus the Sailor

3rd May 2020 – Jesus the Teacher

Each sheet asks you to read a story from the bible. Either use the one you have at home or use an online bible. You can choose loads of different versions but if you’re not sure I suggest you try the New Living Translation (NLT). If you need/want an audio bible, please try this one.

It doesn’t have to be done on a sunday (although its often when families are together) but make sure you dig out some time together each week as a family to spend time together with God. We’ve divided the 7 sheets across the next 7 sundays as a way for all families to be learning the same thing as a church in a particular week (although the resource is available any time).

Why not start a whatsapp group with another family in church, or agree to meet on Skype/Zoom/etc, each week at a certain time to talk about life, enjoy time together (virtually) and share some of the things you’ve learnt about God that week?

Happy discipling!


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