Today it was annouced that on the 13th May 2019 I will be installed as Vicar of Ss. Pip and Jims ilfracombe, st peter as vincula combe martin and St. Peter Berrrynarbor. At all 4 churches the following was read:

The Bishop of Exeter, the Patron, the Archdeacon of Barnstaple and the parish representatives, are pleased to announce that subject to the completion of all legalities and occupational requirements, the Rev’d Peter Churcher has been appointed Team Rector of the Benefice of St Philip and St James Ilfracombe, St Peter ad Vincula Combe Martin & St Peter Berrynarbor.

Peter is currently Curate of St. John’s, West Wickham in the Diocese of Southwark.

Peter will be instituted by the Bishop of Exeter and installed by the Archdeacon of Barnstaple on 13th May 2019.

We’ve loved our time at St. John’s and will be sad to leave, but we plan to make the most of our time together:


Q and the cross


Recently I’ve been listening to (Audible) ‘The day the revolution began by NT Wright (click image for link). It’s a great book and really worth your time to consume in your preferred format. However, this post is not about Wright’s main theme but rather a side note he makes in chapter 9.

In it he mentions ‘Q’; the mysterious source that supposedly Matthew and Luke used, but mark didn’t. It’s not an argument I’ve ever found very compelling or strong. I prefer the Farrer Hypothesis. If you want to read more about that go here.

What caught my attention in Wright, although not his intent, was that Q has no material about the cross. That would be very odd for a source material of the Christian movement where the cross has clearly been central since the earliest days. The book goes into more detail about this.

Just another oddity to ‘Q’