So, this happened…

So, I got ordained. Well, twice I suppose. First as a Deacon in 2016, and now as a Priest (or Presbter if you prefer) in 2017.

Here I am with my certificate (in case I ever have to proove I was ordained), and with many, but not all, of the people that turned up – including my incumbent, Rev. Jon ward, who seems to have fallen asleep in front of the camera.

As with all things in life, I am a product of those around me: firstly of God who made and who called me his child, and then called me to serve His church. Then to my parents who raised me. Then to those saints of have gone before me, and raised me as the man I am today, within a number of different congregations and denominations. Then to my wife and children who support and put up with me. Then, I’m sure, to many more besides.

This is not, as is sometimes thought, a way of being a professional Christian, or as a substitute for the ministry of ‘ordinary’ Christians, but rather I am called to be a servant of the church, to both encourage and challege her, a teacher of scripture, and an administer of the sacraments, as a sign of God’s presence and power amongst his people.

And so I wish to say thank you to all that have, are and will support me in my ministry, and ask that you pray for me as I seek to serve God and his church in the years to come. I am a sinner and a weak person, as we all are, but I have great hope for the future for God is a God of power, who uses our weaknesses for his glory.



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